Italy is organizing its first divorce fair

Italy is organizing a divorce fair to help the married unhappy couples. This fair will also have some of the attractive events like beauty tips, spa treatment, therapies, life coaching etc.

The organizers of this event have said that the main aim of the event is to help the divorcing couple in the legal way and also to help them to start a fresh life. The number of divorces in Catholic countries is traditionally low but there is a sudden growth in the last few years.

For the refreshment of the divorced people, there will be spa treatment, a dating evening and art therapy etc. That also includes stalls and workshops to inspire people to live life alone without any complain.

The founder of the fair Mr. Zanetti has said that he got the inspiration to organize such an event from Austria and then implemented that to his own country because the Italians are not used to the word divorce and the number of divorce is very little here. Somehow it will help those people who want to get a divorce and can rebuild their life.