Italian manufacturer Iveco secures largest e-bus deal to date

Italian manufacturer Iveco secures largest e-bus deal to date

Italian commercial vehicle manufacturer Iveco has secured its most extensive electric bus deal to date, thanks to an agreement with Rome's public transport company, ATAC SpA. Iveco’s deal with ATAC involves the supply of a total of 411 battery electric buses for the city of Rome, marking a noteworthy milestone in the manufacturer’s efforts to contribute to greener as well as more efficient mobility.

The newly signed €300 million deal includes the purchase price for a mix of 12-meter and 18-meter electric bus models and a comprehensive ten-year service contract for each vehicle. Domenico Nucera, President of the Bus Business Unit at Iveco Group, expressed pride in being a decisive contributor to Rome's gradual transition toward sustainable transportation. He also highlighted his company’s growing recognition in the field of electric passenger transport solutions both within the Italian market and worldwide.

When asked for a comment, Nucera said, “Our increasingly strong offering in the field of electric passenger transport is being recognized across the entire Italian market, and internationally as well, confirming our position as a leading partner. Extending this to the capital of Italy, the ‘Eternal City,’ is a fitting way to begin 2024, after closing a very satisfying year in terms of orders for Iveco Bus.”

The first batch of battery-powered buses is scheduled for delivery by the end of this year. The entire fleet is expected to be in service by the summer of 2026. Iveco's E-way bus, which was initially showcased in the year of 2019, boasts an impressive range of 527 km (roughly 325 miles) on a single charge, making it well-matched for the demands of daily commuting as well as tourism in the Italian capital.

The electric bus deal for the city of Rome represents Iveco's largest contract, surpassing a previous sale of a total of 150 electric buses to Busitalia that was concluded in the early part of the previous year. The contract underlines Iveco's leadership in providing full electric mobility solutions and positions the company as an ideal partner for transport operators dedicated to offering emission-free mobility services.

Rome’s move towards electric buses aligns with the country’s broader environmental and public health goals, as the reduction of diesel particulate emissions will contribute to cleaner air, mitigating the health risks associated with such emissions. By introducing more than 400 battery electric buses to the capital city's public transport system, Iveco's latest initiative makes a significant contribution to decreasing the environmental impact and enhancing the overall sustainability of city transportation.

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