Italian bike specialist 3T unveils lightweight Ultra Boost gravel e-bike

Italian bike specialist 3T unveils lightweight Ultra Boost gravel e-bike

Amid the world’s accelerating shift from conventional two-wheelers to electric bicycles (e-bike), Italian bike specialist 3T has introduced a new e-bike called the Ultra Boost. Joining the e-gravel segment, the 3T Ultra Boost e-bike is a premium option for riders who might be looking to electrify their adventures. Specifically designed to provide an electrified gravel riding experience, the 3T Ultra Boost comes loaded with impressive high-tech features and specs to ensure strong performance.

The new e-bike has the compact yet robust Mahle X20 drive system, which boasts a maximum 55 Nm or 38 pound-feet of torque. The X20 drive system promises a comfortable ride without any compromise on natural pedal feel. The Mahle MySmartBike app allows the riders to choose the assistance & power modes according to their preferences.

For power, the new e-bike relies on a Mahle-branded iX350 battery pack that offers 350-watt-hours (Wh) of capacity and promises a range of up to 150 km (roughly 94 miles) on a full charge. Obviously, the range varies according to the riding style and type of terrain. The Bike has a carbon fiber frame, and the slim battery comes positioned inside the downtube. The battery is so slim that it makes it easy to mistake the e-bike as a sleek non-electric bike. Nevertheless, the frame is capable of housing tires of width up to 61 mm. Thus, riders have a wide range of tires to choose from.

The Italian brand describes, “To aerodynamically engineer the frame around the tires, you need to know what their REAL measurements are. Not what’s on the label, but how they really fit … So, we took hundreds of measurements to know the real tire widths (which we call WAM - Width as Measured and RAM - Radius as Measured) and use that to engineer the frame around.”

Furthermore, the 3T is really lightweight. Without the optional 173-Wh battery extender, the new e-bike tips the scales at just 12 kg, which makes it lighter than some entry-level road & gravel bikes. The carbon frame and lightweight Mahle e-motor made it possible. The braking system comes from Sram. There are also optional carbon-fiber rims to opt for.

The Italina brand is offering the 3T Ultra Boost in three variants, which are differentiated by their configurations. However, each of the three variants come with a price tag of 5,999 Euros (approx. $6,500).

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