iPhone app fetches $1 million in initial 6 weeks: TechCrunch

iPhone app fetches $1 million in initial 6 weeks: TechCrunchiPhone provides the best platform for the budget-minded gamers. As per TechCrunch's estimates Social Gaming Network's Fleet Air Superiority Training also known as F. A. S. T. dogfight game fetched the company in excess of $1 million via downloads in the first six weeks.

SGN's F. A. S. T. dogfight game, which was launched in June, allows players to kill other human players in the game.

Initially, the company charged $9.99 for downloading F. A. S. T dogfight game. Though, at present Social Gaming Network is charging much less i. e. $1.99 only, yet the company is pocketing around $60,000 daily.

F. A. S. T. dogfight game is comparatively much complex and entertaining when compared with Social Gaming Network's initial games.

SGN has plans to license the basic platform engine, which was formed to construct F. A. S. T. to other developers so that they can build interactive games of their own.

Good returns from the addicted players are luring a lot of developers to develop more high-quality games.