Intel's moves to 34nm SSDs, slashes prices by 60%


Intel has introduced a new set of solid state drives commonly called SSD that possesses faster write speed, and are cheaper than their predecessors.

Intel's new NAND flash-based SSDs utilize 34-nanometer technology that means flash chips used in the drives were manufactured using a 34-nanometer process in stead of 50-nanometer used for Intel's earlier SSDs.

The 34-nanometer move allowed the company to trim down the cost of SSDs by about 60 percent.

Latency is reduced to 65 microseconds.

The X25-M 80-GB SSD is priced at US $225, down from US $595 for quantities up to 1,000 units, while 160GB is priced at $440, down from US $945.

The X25-M SSDs come in a 2.5-inch or 1.8-inch standard sizes.

Intel is also expected to announce 320 GB SSD in the recent future, but the company did not provide any details for that.

Speaking on the topic, Troy Winslow, director of marketing for Intel's NAND products said, "So we can do 320 GB. But we're not announcing anything yet."