Indian Social Networking Site BigAdda Goes Mobile

The mobile version of popular Indian social networking site is released on Thursday. The Indian Social Networking Site BigAdda Goes Mobile  social networking website is very popular among Indian youths and it can now be accessed through mobile phone.

It mobile version is called ‘Mobile Adda’, which can be used like a full fledged PC. After signing in, users are allowed to receive, read, reply and send scribbles to their friends. It also supports search profiles and invitation sending options on the network.

Users are guided through online notifications and other helpful tips. It supports a download version for automatic recognition of a handset.

The mobile version of offers a Phone Book for professional and social contacts besides backup utility store on the server for change of device.

The Chief Operating Officer of the group said that they have a user base of2 million registered users. The current move of group will help users to fulfill their aspirations in the market. It will also lead to increase the number of users of PCs and penetration of technology in India.   

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