Indian scientist generates power from jumbo urine

M G GireeshanKayamkulam (Kerela), Aug16 - A young Indian scientist, Doctor M. G. Gireeshan, who explored the formula of generating power in Kayamkulam in southern Kerela, said on Friday (August 15) that the urine of one elephant can produce enough electricity to serve a single household for four to five days.

Gireeshan, who did his post-graduation in electronics, is working as a scientist at Bharat University in Chennai. He discovered that by using microbial fuel cell technology (MFCT), power can be generated from urine of elephant.

Doctor Gireeshan, who has many scientific inventions to his credit, conducted rigorous experimentation for producing electricity from cattle urine and discovered that elephant urine is most powerful in generating electricity, i. e. around 3.5 volt power from 200 ml of elephant urine.

"Initially, I had tested with cow's urine and then compared it by testing it with elephant's urine. I found that electricity produced from the elephant's urine is thrice more than the cow's urine. This can be used in a large scale by the government because electricity from one elephant's urine can cover four to five days of supply for a household," he said.

He added that it is possible, with the help of a 12 volt battery, to light up four lamps and four fans for two days with 50 litre of elephant urine. According to Gireeshan, elephant's urine is high in electrolyte. When the electrodes are inserted into the urine sample, it undergoes electrolysis generating power. An elephant produces 50 litres urine after consuming over 200 litres of water every day.

The young scientist said he is willing to offer this technology to the benefit of the general public and provide it to any agency willing to develop it and also wants it to be patented in his name.(ANI)