Indian PM expresses concern over the Nano episode

Indian PM expresses concern over the Nano episode The Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, expressed his concerns over the situations under which Ratan Tata had to shift the Nano car project from West Bengal to Gujarat. Furthermore, the PM added that there is an earnest need for industrialization in the country. 

Nano episode had been making headlines in Media from quite some time now, and when Mr.Singh was asked to comment on it, he said, "Well, we are a free democratic country. It is certainly sad the circumstances in which Ratan Tata had to move his project."

Mr.Singh, while returning back from his high-profile visit to Japan and China yesterday, told the reporters, "It is sad because a lot of work had been done in Bengal and there was a date fixed for Nano's appearance in the market. So that process was delayed, so therefore to some extent it was a sad thing." The Indian PM told that in democracy such as India, the entrepreneurs were free to decide on the location for their plants. 

Tata Motors had to shift their Nano plant from Singur in West Bengal to Sanand near Ahmedabad in Gujarat due to the protests made by Trinamool Congress Chief Mamata Banerjee, over the land acquisition at Singur. 

However, the PM feels, "India must industrialize to realize its destiny but it should not come at the expense of the nation's farmers. Farmers should be appropriately compensated when their land is acquired for setting up industries."

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