Indian EV start-up Oben Electric all set to commence deliveries of Rorr electric motorcycle

Indian EV start-up Oben Electric all set to commence deliveries of Rorr electric motorcycle

Indian electric motorcycle start-up Oben Electric has finally started preparing for deliveries of the first batch of its very first electric two-wheeler, called the Oben Rorr. Oben Electric recently announced that it will commence deliveries of the first batch of the Oben Rorr electric motorcycle before the end of this month.

Before announcing the start of deliveries of the electric motorcycle, Oben also announced the inauguration of a new experience center in Bengaluru, where is headquartered. It may be noted here that showrooms are normally used by companies and start-ups to display the latest products, but several manufacturers are now putting up so-called experience centers to provide their would-be customers with a clearer picture of their upcoming products.

Oben also confirmed that the company has decided to put up experience center to enable its future clients to have a first-hand experience of its upcoming electric motorcycle. The start-up further stressed that it is important to provide clientele with an idea of how it all works because electric motorcycles are vastly different from that of internal combustion engine-powered bikes in terms of technology.

For the Oben Rorr, the start-up has already received more than 21,000 pre-orders, which suggests that the waiting list for the upcoming electric motorcycle is quite long. It is easy to understand why there is such a great interest in the Oben Rorr electric bike. Actually, it is one of the few sporty electric two-wheelers in the electric motorcycle segment. The Rorr comes packed with a 10-kW IPMSM electric motor that has been developed in-house. The motor delivers a nominal output of 13.4 hp, but it is enough to enable the electric motorcycle to zoom from 0 to 25 miles per hour (mph) in merely 3 seconds. Top speed of the bike has been rated at 62 mph.

It is also worth-mentioning here that Oben has nearly two dozen patents to its name, and 95 per cent of the Rorr’s components have been sourced from local Indian manufacturers. A number of these components have been developed in-house.

The Oben Rorr is also going to be one of the most attractive offerings in the India market’s bustling electric two-wheeler market, thanks to its pocket-friendly price tag of Rs. 149,999.

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