India’s ‘non-violent’ anti-corruption hero Anna Hazare no ‘Gandhi’, says Oz journo

 India’s ‘non-violent’ anti-corruption hero Anna Hazare no ‘Gandhi’, says Oz journoCanberra, Aug 30 : Anna Hazare, India's first anti-corruption crusader who pressurized the government to enact the Jan Lokpal Bill (Citizen Ombudsman Bill) in a `peaceful and non-violent' manner, did an impressive job of transforming his native village as well, but surprisingly, he did so in an entirely `autocratic, violent way,' reveals the Sydney Morning Herald''s international editor Peter Hartcher.

Hartcher explained how Hazare, who vows to follow the `Gandhi-style non-violent' way of bringing a change, apparently built his first success on violence in his native village.

Hazare banished alcohol from his village by tying up anyone caught with drink and flogging them with the army belt he kept as souvenir of 15 years'' service.

According to Hartcher's report, the village head told the London Telegraph that `people are afraid of him, but this is respect.'

The report also pointed out that Hazare called for the hanging of corrupt officials, which are clearly marks of intolerance that are opposite to Gandhi''s philosophy of `non-violence'. (ANI)

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