India, China atomic energy chiefs may hold dialogue on energy security: PM

Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan SinghOnboard Air India One, Jan 16: The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, has said that he has invited the Chinese Government to send the chief of its atomic energy agency to come and meet with India’s atomic energy agency chief to discuss ways to generate and enhance the potential for energy and energy security.

Stating that the Chinese said that they will consider the suggestion, Dr. Singh told reporters onboard Air India One that they are several issues facing the global economy, and energy security is one of them.

He said the rise in hydrocarbon prices and international fuel prices was giving rise to the intensification of inflationary pressures in a number of developing countries, including India and China.

Simultaneously, there was the issue of the environment and that of climate change, he said, adding that both India and China have similar concerns that the ongoing environment and climate change discussions, including the recent dialogue held at Bali in Indonesia, should not seek to perpetuate the “poverty of the poor countries”.

“They should not be made victims of the environmental damage caused by other countries, namely the developed countries,” Dr. Singh said. (ANI)

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