Imran says his party will become major political force within next six months

Former Cricketer Imran KhanLahore, Dec. 25 : Imran Khan has said that his party, Tehreek-e-Insaaf would become a major political force within the next six months to provide justice to the oppressed and neglected sections in Pakistan.

The PTI chief claimed that the poor and downtrodden section of the nation felt deprived of law and justice under the present government. His party was aiming to put an end to this practise, The News reported.

The former Pakistan cricket captain was addressing a Christmas celebration convention at his party's Lahore office, where he vowed to tackle the issues of injustice among the underprivileged people.

In a bid to provide a free judiciary to the minorities and the poor, Imran called for the restoration of Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.

Imran also asserted that the PTI was the first party to raise the issue of judiciary in the country, and blamed the PPP for tampering with justice, by sayingthat the current circumstances suggest that the PPP government wants to `enslave' the judiciary.

He further accused the PPP leadership for not supporting the poor.

"Billions of rupees from national exchequer are being spent on Umras and personal tours and the poor people are being made to pay heavy taxes", Imran said. (ANI)