Imran’s ex-wife Jemima wins public praise for `selfless’ support

London, Nov. 12: Jemima Goldsmith Khan, the ex-wife of former cricketer-turned politician Imran Khan, has won fulsome praise for extending `selfless’ support to Imran in wake of an emergency being declared in Pakistan.

According to The Times, a cross-section of people have applauded her efforts, but said she could have come to the forefront several years ago, rather than wiling away her time with various beaus.

“I applaud her efforts, but I believe she is less selfless than she would like to admit. She doesn't have Hugh Grant to keep her in the newspapers anymore, so she decides the way to remedy that is to write her own commentaries on Pakistan and now protesting. All very well and good, but like you said, why did she not do this in the three years she partied and holidayed with Mr. Grant, ” said Nina, a London resident

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Amber of London said: “Jemima has shown what a great and extraordinary woman she is. She spoke for hundreds and thousands of innocent Pakistanis who feel helpless at this time. Please keep up this and we are all with you. May God bless you! ”

Ahmed Asgher, a resident of Bahrain capital Manama, chose to differ a bit, saying that both Jemima and Imran were fairly well off and have enough to live a life of luxury and care not one iota for Pakistan.

“They have chosen to lead a path of civil rights. For that they should be credited and congratulated. Anything else they do in their private lives is their business, as long as they don't hurt others and I don't believe they are capable of that. Go forth Khan. God is with you, ” he added.

Tahir Shah of London said he believed that Jemima was starting to miss Imran, and added that to say Imran needed Jemima in this difficult time, is a bit exaggerated.

Lahore resident Qazi Tanvir Alam said Jemima needed to be thanked for her efforts.

“She is one great woman. It's not easy to represent the needy, if one is not in need, said Akua Abban of Wembley, UK

“History is full of brave, honest and dedicated Khans. Imran Khan is a real Khan. We are proud of him, ” said Jehanzeb Khan of Amsterdam.

“Great Jemima keep up the lobbying for democracy and human rights. People in Pakistan are simply too scared to come on streets and have never protested openly to Musharaf's dictatorships, ” said Amjad Khan of Washington.

“Pakistan is a complete basket case. Maybe Imran Khan can hide in the same cave as ol' osama, ” said London resident Tom. (ANI)