IFCI To Reach 70 Shortly : Sudarshan Sukhani

IFCI is IFCI Ltd.always an outperformer and a favourite stock. Technical analyst Sudarshan Sukhani said that it is a good time to buy the stock in order to make healthier gains in the coming days.

Mr. Sukhani narrated, “Reliance Capital is a dream again for those who held on. I sold off my shares in the last few days. IFCI all of us are saying will come down, that doesn’t mean anything the stock is not coming down, it is consolidating, building a base and it is now ripe for a big upmove. The final target, which people talk about Rs 70 or something could well, is in sight, so IFCI is a stock that people should be looking to buy.”

“Reliance Capital becomes very difficult to make a call on, the stock is at all times new highs, and it is really what you want to do,” he added.

IFCI’s prime activities are project financing, supplying financial services and wide-ranging corporate advisory services. The Group also offers corporate loans, equipment credit, equipment finance, short-term loans, working capital loans and equipment leasing to meet up the specific requirements of business organizations.