I’m Saving Time on Daily Commute with a Two-Wheeler Loan

I’m Saving Time on Daily Commute with a Two-Wheeler Loan

Last summer, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Work had taken up most of my time till that point, but it now became necessary to strike a healthy work-life balance and spend more time with my child. My job at a big bank left me exhausted with the long commute time.The bank was located one metro station and two bus stops away from my house, which was starting to topple my personal life. Leaving early in the morning and arriving late at night was just not going to work for me and my husband, now that we were parents.

My husband and I discussed quitting my job, but we now had one more mouth to feed, and decided there had to be some other way out. Moreover, I did enjoy working and was very much keen on continuing my career, notwithstanding my growing familial responsibilities.

We owned a car that my husband drove. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to drive either. After much discussion, he came up with an idea – we could buy a scooty for me to commute to work. I was sceptical since I’d never driven a scooty before, but he assured me that since I knew how to drive a bicycle, it wouldn’t take me too much time to learn. I liked the idea but the next problem was money.

I didn’t want my husband to pay for it nor could I do so all at once, since I wanted to save for our daughter. So, going for a two-wheeler loan seemed to be a suitable option. After some research, I found that the two-wheeler loan offered by IndusInd Bank had everything we were looking for– speedy loan processing and disbursement, flexible loan repayment options, and reasonable two-wheeler loan interest rates. Hence, I decided to apply for a two-wheeler loan online with IndusInd Bank after checking my two-wheeler loan eligibility.

Within the next couple of days, my scooty in my favourite colour -aqua blue - was home.We were both relieved that the bank also offered flexible repayment options.

Soon after the scooty came home, my husband actively assumed the role of a driving instructor and within the next month and a half, I was able to drive with ease. Today, my travel time has gone down drastically and I feel in control of my time at work and home.Because I reach office earlier, I have more time to get work done on time, instead of having to stay till late. And of course, I now have more time to spend with my baby daughter - an accomplishment I am rather proud of, given the demands of a full-time career. When I someday turn back the pages of my life, I will hopefully not find the word “compromise” written anywhere. All thanks to my loving husband and IndusInd Bank’s two-wheeler loan.