How swimming can help slimming, by Olympic champ Rebecca Adlington

How swimming can help slimming, by Olympic champ Rebecca AdlingtonLondon, Apr 29 : Olympic Games champion swimmer Rebecca Adlington has revealed how swimming can help one to stay slim.

Adlington, 20, who swims four miles every morning, is eager to share the benefits of swimming just a few times a week.

"Swimming does everything," the Mirror quoted her as saying.

"It tones you up and helps your joints. You don't feel how much exercise you're doing but if you do loads of laps you're starving afterwards. That's an indication of how much you've worked off," she said.

The ace swimmer started swimming at three and joined a local club in Nottingham at eight, and she has a glowing complexion, an enviable figure with a washboard stomach and no hint of cellulite.

"Swimming will give you a killer figure," she said.

"If you starve yourself, you look pale, drained and tired. But if you're sporty you look healthy, have more energy and your skin glows. It also makes you feel more confident.

"So many women are really concerned about weight in terms of looking good but whether you are healthy should be the real concern.

"Being fit is an investment for the future.

"Whatever your goal is, stick to it. If you have three months to lose an inch off your waist write it down.

"Then halfway through you can look at the steps you've taken and say `Yes, I'm on target, yes, I'm motivated.'

"Set a goal and make it happen!" she added. (ANI)