How Jessica Simpson got rid of her ‘curvy’ figure

How Jessica Simpson got rid of her ‘curvy’ figureWashington, Mar 12: She may have created a media furore over her apparent “weight gain”, but Jessica Simpson has silenced all her critics by appearing in svelte shape in just a matter of weeks.

The singer’s long-time personal trainer Mike Alexander has said that just being busy with daily rehearsals and shows has helped her get back into tip-top shape.

According to Alexander, Simpson’s pictures from over a month ago were "very unfortunate and flattered all the wrong angles," but were taken at the beginning of her current tour with country crooners Rascal Flatts.

"The whole thing wasn’t as traumatic for Jessica as everyone made it out to be. She’s a confident and naturally beautifully girl who works hard,” Fox News quoted him as saying.

He added: "Jessica is now at the end of her tour and looks great. It’s not easy to have a super strict diet when you are touring so you just have to make the best of the restaurants you go too but she’s knows what to eat and what not too and we talk about all of that.”

Alexander further said that the songstress’ biggest weaknesses in the past had been her love of fried southern comfort food, a good hearty steak and Mexican.

But, in order to stay in shape, Simpson reportedly stays away from "white" foods like wheat and flour and goes for the whole grain option instead, while ensuring her three main meals and snacks are protein-based.

For exercise, she does 30 minutes of resistance training 4-6 days per week on top of all the calorie burning she gets by being on stage every night, revealed Alexander.

"It is all about consistency," he said.

He also said that once Jessica is back in L. A. Jessica would be back on track with her usual routine and gym visits. (ANI)