How can we help our kids after the exam?

How can parents help the child after an examination? A parent from Ahmedabad Praise your child for doing his or her best on the test. Talk about what was asked in the test and how to manage the performance in the next one. Try to avoid your analytical thinking about the children on that day and encourage your child for the next subject paper.

What should parents do on the night before and the day of an examination? A parent from Anand

Be encouraging. Let your child know you think he or she will do well on the test. Avoid difficult family issues before the test to prevent unnecessary anxiety. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep the night before the test. Have him or her wake up early, eat a nutritious breakfast and wear comfortable clothes.

Do students need to pass in the theory and practical examinations separately? A student from Rajkot

Yes, it is compulsory for students to pass separately in the theory and practical aspects of the examination.

How should parents tackle the study plan and habits of their children during examinations? A parent from Surat

The human body requires an average of seven to eight hours of sleep per day. But, there is no hard and fast rule regarding this. Each one of us has to understand his or her body rhythm and find out by trial and error how many hours of sleep keeps us fit. But, the night before an examination, the child should have proper sleep.

If a student decides to drop a year, which syllabus will he or she have to follow the next year? A parent from Gandhinagar

Do not encourage students to drop the year unless some absolutely calls for it. For the next year, the candidate will have the syllabus recommended for the year he or she plans to appear in the examination.

What are the changes in the pattern for the class XII CBSE examinations for this year? A parent from Vadodara

The changes in the design of the question papers and weightage are mentioned in the sample papers for each stream. A copy of the marking scheme can be downloaded from the CBSE website.

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