Hong Kong cancels its travel warning for passengers to Bangkok

Top Hong Kong official arrested in multi-million dollar graft case Hong Kong - The Hong Kong government Friday cancelled its travel warning for Bangkok after the Thai prime minister lifted the state of emergency imposed 12 days ago.

A Hong Kong government spokesman said the travel warning was cancelled with immediate effect but said people travelling to the Thai capital should continue to exercise caution.

"As the situation there is still not entirely clear, those who plan to visit the country, particularly Bangkok, should continue to closely monitor developments," the spokesman said.

"They should still attend to their personal safety and avoid places of protest during their stay in the country."

Hong Kong tour operators will not resume group holidays to Bangkok until April 29, however, the city's Travel Industry Council announced in response to the decision.

The council's executive Joseph Tung said: "In the past two weeks, tours have been cancelled and it has affected around 2,000 passengers but the safety of passengers is our top priority."

Bangkok is one of the most popular short-break destinations for people in Hong Kong which is less than three hours' flight from the Thai capital. Around 8,000 travelers visited Thailand over the Easter holiday.

All tours were cancelled and a strong travel warning was issued by Hong Kong when anti-government protests caused chaos in the capital and led to a state of emergency being declared from April 12. (dpa)