Honda teases upcoming EV lineup with two futuristic concept cars

Honda teases upcoming EV lineup with two futuristic concept cars

In a transformative shift towards electrification, Honda Motor Company used the recently held CES 2024 in Las Vegas to unveil of two futuristic concept electric vehicles (EVs), offering a glimpse into the upcoming “Honda 0” lineup. The two standout Honda concepts is the Saloon and the Space Hub. The Saloon is going to be the foundation for the brand’s first production electric car under the Honda 0 lineup, while the Space Hub concept features a van-like aesthetic with an expansive interior and two rows of facing seats.

Then Honda Saloon is scheduled to make debut in North America in the year 2026, before entering other markets of the world. Based on a dedicated EV platform, it boasts a distinctive and elongated design. The interior of the futuristic saloon, crafted from sustainable materials, promises amazing spaciousness and lavishness. The concept saloon showcases an airplane-style steering yoke and a steer-by-wire system to offer a unique driving experience. As per emerging reports, the production model's design will likely be more refined.

Details about the production version of the Space Hub concept, which features a van-like aesthetic, remain scarce. However, the Japanese automaker acknowledges the growing demand for such vehicles in the American market. Thus, it could also enter production sometime in the future.

The world-renowned Japanese brand’s forward-looking concepts hint at an exciting era of intelligent, efficient & environmentally conscious vehicles. The unveiling of the two electric concepts marks a significant shift for the Japanese automaker, signaling its commitment to a comprehensive EV strategy.

The “Honda 0” series is part of the manufacturer’s ambitious plan to launch thirty new electric models globally by the end of current decade. Gradually, the company will attempt to transit to an exclusively zero-emission sales model in the United States by 2040. These concepts showcase the company’s new design and engineering approach, emphasizing efficiency, advanced software features, and lightweight packaging.

Notably, the planned Honda 0 EVs, which will feature a new “H” logo, will depart from the collaborative approach seen in the Honda Prologue and Acura ZDX SUVs. Loaded with technology borrowed from General Motors (GM), these vehicles are set to hit public roads later this year. The Honda 0 series will feature in-house-developed EV technology, promising an ‘ample’ driving range, rapid charging capabilities (15-80% in less than 15 minutes), and minimal battery degradation over a decade.

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