Homeland Security says '9/11-style attack threat' on US theatres screening 'The Interview' not credible

Homeland SecurityLondon, Dec 17 : The United States Department of Homeland Security has said that the latest threat issued by Sony Pictures hackers to launch a 9/11-style attack on American theatres showing the studio's film, The Interview, based on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, is "not credible."

A Homeland Security official said that they were still ascertaining the credibility of the threat and added that there was no credible intelligence to indicate an active plot targeting movie theatres within the U. S, reported TMZ.

The group, that calls itself "Guardians of Peace," had claimed that the "world will be full of fear" and had advised people to stay away from theatres showing the film. It said, "Whatever comes in the coming days is called by the greed of Sony Pictures Entertainment."

The movie shows Seth Rogen and James Franco playing two reporters who are granted an audience with Jong-un and are then enlisted by the Central Investigative Agency ( CIA ) to assassinate him.

North Korea had earlier denied its involvement in the hack attack ahead of the release of the film but had termed it a "righteous deed" carried out by its "supporters and sympathizers." (ANI)