Hiring a Premium Car in New York City

Hiring a Premium Car in New York City

Driving a premium class car might be a dream for some people, while it is a daily routine for others. Apart from its owner status, a luxury vehicle indicates comfort, security, and reliability. If you currently reside in New York and you are looking to rent such a car, RealCar is the service you need.

RealCar's Advantages

The company is aimed at individual users only and guarantees personalized service and flexibility. Its benefits involve:

Door-to-door delivery. You can choose any address or location from/to where you prefer your rented car to be transferred by the company’s concierge.

Convenient delivery time. Even if you cannot pick up your vehicle between 9 am and 9 pm, you have a possibility to pre-arrange the service outside the working hours.

No surcharges. Be assured of paying only for what you use, including fuel and tolls, without unexpected extra fees afterward.

No paperwork or waiting in lines. Use a mobile app of this NYC rental car service to set and adjust your trip details, pay for the reservation, etc.

RealCar offers a wide range of prestigious vehicles of such brands as Range Rover, Jaguar, Porsche, and BMW. These fully equipped stylish cars will enhance your weekend countryside trips, business transfers, touristic explorations, etc. Whichever your purpose is, RealCar's customer-oriented approach will meet your needs, taking into account your schedule and budget. Any special requests can be addressed directly to the customer support of the platform.

The Most Popular Car Model

Porsche Cayenne is undoubtedly the most hired car amongst RealCar's collection. Mighty yet comfortable, this car is a pure modern classic. This 300 horsepower SUV is suitable for any assignment with its 5 heated seats, leather interior, powerful sound system, in-built sunroof, voice command GPS, Bluetooth & iPhone charger. “How to rent a Porsche Cayenne near me?” – this is no longer a question for RealCar's clients. Enjoy your unforgettable driving experience enhanced by the efficient service!

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