Himalayan oregano can wipe out hospital super bug: Research

Himalayan oregano can wipe out hospital super bug: ResearchKullu (Himachal Pradesh), Apr. 21: Natural oil extracted from Himalayan oregano can help in wiping out deadly hospital super bug MRSA, a new research has claimed.

"For the last 2-3 years, we have been researching its (Oregano) antibacterial properties, in particular against the hospital infections that have become resistant to antibiotics and we have found that this is a very effective antibacterial and anti fungal agent," said Ben Heron, Senior Researcher at Himachal Pradsh based Biolaya Organics.

The joint research was done by the Bristol University, Biolaya Organics, Jagriti, G. B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development and SGS India.

The research proved that essential oil of oregano contains potent antibacterial properties and is effective at killing the ''''super bug'''' MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant strain of bacteria that has become a serious health problem in hospitals in the West.

They have discovered that the herb, commonly used in cooking, could eradicate the deadly infection.

Another objective of the project is also to provide livelihood to rural farmers and herbs collectors.

"The ultimate idea is to develop a sustainable harvesting management plan for this particular specie, develop entrepreneurship from this particular specie and finally go for the sustainable development of the farmers in the hilly region," said Dr. S. S. Samant, senior scientist, G. B. Pant Institute of the Himalayan Environment and Development, Kullu.

Preliminary research into the oil found that tiny doses are capable of wiping out fungi and bacteria, including MRSA.

Origanum Vulgare is a relatively common herb that grows in high altitude meadows throughout the Himalayan region, yet it is perceived by many villagers to have no culinary, medicinal or economic value.

However, in Kullu, oregano is often referred to as ''''bekaar ghaas'''' (useless grass). (ANI)