Hillary Clinton's muse is Eleanor Roosevelt

New York, Oct.16 : Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Hillary Clinton says that she gets her inspiration from words former U.S. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt echoed.

"She said, 'You know, if you're going to be involved in politics you have to grow skin as thick as a rhinoceros," Clinton told an audience of female political activists.

"So occasionally, I'll be sitting somewhere and I'll be listening to someone perhaps not saying the kindest things about me. And I'll look down at my hand and I'll sort of pinch my skin to make sure it still has the requisite thickness I know Eleanor Roosevelt expects me to have," the New York Daily News quoted her, as saying.

The speech at the luncheon of the Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Fund, which raises money for Democratic women running for office in New York, was part of a series of events this week aimed at boosting Clinton's standing among female voters. Polls show women are already among her strongest supporters.

Earlier, the New York senator appeared on ABC's "The View," where she said women in public life are still subjected to a lot more criticism than men.

"I think there still is probably a tougher standard for women, especially running for president," Clinton said. (ANI)