Hillary Clinton urges world to condemn Iran’s nuke programs with one voice

Hillary Clinton Washington, Dec. 12 : US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton believes that the “time has come” for “the international community to speak with one voice” to condemn Iran’s nuclear program.

In a taped interview with Al Jazeera, Clinton told the network the Obama administration hoped to “work with others” to tackle issues such as nuclear proliferation and cited the International Atomic Energy Agency vote condemning Iran to argue the approach was working.

“We have spent time listening and working hard to create this common ground and these common interests, and we’ve done it out of a sense of mutual respect. We respect and admire so many other cultures and societies,” Politico quoted Clinton, as saying.

“But we do feel like at a certain point, the international community must speak with one voice, and we think that time has come with respect to Iran’s nuclear program,” she added.

On the question of whether the United States would support an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear sites, Clinton didn’t comment but she expressed disappointment at Iran’s diplomacy.

“What we have tried to do is engage in diplomacy in a very vigorous way in order to reassure the international community, including all states, that Iran’s nuclear program was for peaceful purposes. Unfortunately, we haven’t had the kind of response we were hoping for from the Iranians,” she said.

“I think the international community really still wants to engage with Iran, but people are going to now turn to other routes like more pressure, like sanctions to try to change their mind and their behaviour,” she added. (ANI)

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