Hillary Clinton campaign raises $45 million
Hillary Clinton campaign raises $45 million

Women have become a major part of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. There have been over 60% of the donors who supported Clinton. According to reports, an announcement regarding $45 million that has been raised by the campaign was also made. A report about the campaign's haul was released.

Over 250,000 people came in support of Clinton. According to the campaign, there were 61% women. As per the Center for Responsive Politics, it is particularly important for the reason that generally men are major part of the majority of campaign donors i.e. over 70%.

However, huge amount was spent by the campaign in the second quarter of the year; it spent $18.7 million and the campaign was left with $28.85 million. A campaign advisor came in support of the expenditure. According to the advisor, it consisted of big upfront investments and there is no requirement to repeat them in coming months on items that the majority of campaigns look forward to invest in.

Campaign manager Robby Mook said, "Thanks to the more than 250,000 Americans who have stepped up to support Hillary Clinton's campaign, we have had the ability to make critical investments in our organization that will put us in position to win the primary and the White House".

As per reports, the campaign also raised approximately $825,000 to be used only for the general election. And with this, the total haul has reached more than $46 million.