Hillary Clinton to Call for Uncensored Global Internet

Tomorrow, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is all prepared to send out a call for an uncensored global Internet, wherein individuals and businesses can operate without any fears of repression or cyber attacks like those which Google Inc. has said it experienced in China.

With the call, Secretary Clinton will be outlining the Obama Administration’s vision of encouraging Internet freedom and security, while also highlighting how America is offering support to organizations across the globe to develop and use tools to "circumvent firewalls and promote democracy and economic growth", as has been shared by officials.

“Do we want to live in a world where there is one Internet, one knowledge commons from which we can all draw or where the knowledge you have access to is based on what country you live in and the whim of the censors?”, said Ms. Clinton's adviser on technology, Alec Ross, while sharing that the Secretary's upcoming speech would pose the issue as a strong threat to the "the free flow of information and resources".

The call from the Secretary seems to be a direct result of news shared by Google, according to which, the company had stressed on January 12 that it might be putting an end to its operations across China. The announcement was a result of a cyber attack which was targeted at Google, and seemed to be looking to steal information from Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists.

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