High-speed sex, high-speed chase: Norwegian loses driver's license

High-speed sex, high-speed chase: Norwegian loses driver's licenseOslo - A Norwegian man lost his driver's license after police had to pursue him at speeds of over 120 kilometres per hour while he was driving and engaged in sex with a female companion at the same time, reports said Monday. The daily Drammens Tidende cited a police report which said police had seen a car zig-zagging on the highway on Easter Sunday, speeding along at 123 kilometres per hour, well over the 100 kilometres limit.

Police gave chase, and on closer examination saw that a woman was sitting on the driver's lap, with the couple in hefty motion.

"They were having sexual intercourse," a policeman told the paper. There had been considerable danger because the car was "visibly swerving" on the road. The scene was captured on film as well.

Police immediately confiscated the license of the 28-year-old driver, who had to turn the wheel over to his lady friend, aged 21. (dpa)