Hezbollah chief appears on TV to deny poison report

Beirut - Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah late Saturday denied an Iraqi website report that he had been poisoned and then saved by Iranian doctors.

"This information is totally unfounded," the head of Lebanon's Shiite militant group said in an interview broadcast on Hezbollah's Manar television.

"I am sitting here in front of you ... There was no poisoning. It is pure fabrication," he said.

Nasrallah claimed the report could have been "part of the psychological war" against Hezbollah aimed at alleging there are internal divisions within the Syria- and Iran-backed group.

On Wednesday, Iraqi website Almalaf reported that Nasrallah had survived an assassination bid in which he was poisoned with a "highly toxic chemical substance."

Nasrallah, 48, was in "critical condition over the past few days," the report said, quoting diplomatic sources in Beirut. It said his life was saved by Iranian doctors who rushed to his side.

Nasrallah was elected secretary-general of Hezbollah in 1992, after an Israeli helicopter gunship killed his predecessor Abbas al- Musawi in southern Lebanon. (dpa)