Haneef’s Lawyers To Holdup His Bail Posting

Melbourne: Lawyers for Mohammed Haneef may holdup posting his bail as they plan a plea against Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews' assessment to terminate the Indian doctor's work permit.

The move will suggest the Gold Coast-based doctor, who is charged with backing up a terrorist group, will stay in police custody in Brisbane.

Magistrate Jacqui Payne settled Haneef bail yesterday on a $10,000 warranty but the Immigration minister’s resolution means he will be shifted to Sydney’s Villawood immigration detention centre once his bail is stationed.

Today, Haneef’s lawyer Peter Russo alleged that a public member had step up offering to provide the $10,000 guarantee, but that he may delay posting bail pending an appeal to the Federal Court against the visa cancellation.

“At this stage it hasn't been decided whether we will post bail or whether we will wait and work out what we will do about the immigration issue,” Russo said.

Haneef's attorneys also have the decision of rescheduling bail for an indefinite period, meaning the Indian national will be held in a Queensland correctional facility pending trial.

But, Russo did not appear to support that decision.

“If there are people willing to post bail then in my view it should go ahead,” he added.