Halo 3 helped Xbox 360 to register higher sales

Release of Halo 3 has helped Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming consoles to register almost double the average sales, as per the official statement of Microsoft. Halo 3 has become fastest selling video game as gamers were waiting for this version for a very long time.

Bill Gates said in a statement that Halo 3 has become an important milestone for Xbox 360. On the day of launch of Halo 3, Microsoft founder Bill Gates was himself checking the ID of first buyer at a store in United States. Long queues were found outside many stores across United States. Halo 3 and Xbox 360 are doing good business in Australia as well. Sony and Nintendo will have to think of some new strategy to beat Microsoft now.

Xbox 360 became the most selling gaming console after launch of Halo 3 last month. Halo 3 sales were higher than Spiderman 3.

Halo 3 managed to cross $170 million level as the gamers wanted to check the latest version of Halo Series developed by Bungie Studios. Microsoft has also decided to set up Bungie as an independent company. Microsoft bought stake in Bungie Studios in 2000.