Hackers use Obama’s victory to spread Trojans

Hackers use Obama’s victory to spread TrojansObama’s victory in the US presidential elections has given hackers a chance to spread Trojan virus. 

Security Advisor Websense’s regional director for SAARC and India, Surendra Singh said, "The activity began from multiple locations immediately after the Obama's acceptance speech as a huge number of people were waiting to hear him. The email contained a link to a malicious website, purported to contain a video of Obama's speech. It then downloaded a rootkit into the user's computer and sent the vital data to multiple command and control servers." 

According to Mr. Singh the attackers had hacked into a well known travel site. It was then used to host an information-stealing Trojan Horse downloader file called 'BarackObama.exe'. ‘BarackObama.exe’ executed and unpacked phishing kits locally.

Malware authors started sending spam inviting internet users to click on a link to either see the election results news page, or watch a video of Barack Obama's win. The users were prompted to install the latest version of a so called flash player to see the videos. 

Other than these two attacks, the hackers are trying another method. In order to get information about Barack Obama, the users were asked to download a file which was supposedly “100% checked by Antivirus.” But luckily the website no longer appears in the search results.

A spokesperson of Symantec revealed that a presidential gift card spam was also prevalent. The users are asked to complete a survey on the election with the promise of receiving a free gift card. The users are asked to provide credit card details to receive the gift

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