Hackers Put TCS Website ‘tcs.com’ On Sale!

Hackers Put TCS Website ‘tcs.com’ On Sale!The latest news is that the official website of the country's biggest IT services company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) 'tcs. com' has been hacked.

The cyber-terrorist placed a "For Sale" message in English and French for a whole day. Moreover, the cyber-terrorists offered email identification, abed_uk@hotmail.com.

The hack is said to be a DNS hijack, like the cyber attack that Twitter had during the last year.

DNS hijacking is the practice of making an illicit modification to a DNS server, which directs a universal resource locator to a different internet site.

According to the company's representative, "The TCS website, www. tcs. com, was disrupted. Subsequently, it has been restored and is functioning fine. None of the servers were compromised. Initial investigation reveals a DNS
(Domain Name Server) redirection at the domain name registrar's end. Further investigations are on."

The cyberpunks altered the domain name of the site to from, re-directing the name server records of TCS's website. The cyber-terrorist had also set up a whos. among. us widget in order to exhibit how many visitors were on the website at any given point.

According to security professionals, internet sites can easily be hacked if the Web software is not advanced.

The latest episode has aroused questions regarding the level of security attentiveness TCS has, experts believe.

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