Greenlanders to vote for new home rule government in June

Greenlanders to vote for new home rule government in June Copenhagen/Nuuk, Greenland  - Voters in Greenland are to vote for a new home rule government June 2, the leader of the current home rule government said Wednesday.

The island territory is on June 21 set to gain more autonomy within Denmark under an agreement that coincides with the 30th anniversary of the existing home rule bill.

"I feel it is right to ask the people who should rule during the new era," Hans Enoksen of the ruling Siumut party said, according to the Sermitsiaq newspaper.

Voters in November 2008 approved the enhanced self-rule plan that would give Greenland partial control over its natural resources and allow it to take greater charge of justice and legal affairs.

Greenlandic, an Inuit language, is set to become the official language on the world's largest island. Additionally, Greenlanders are to be recognized as a people. About 85 per cent of the island's 57,000 inhabitants are ethnic Greenlanders.

Under the terms agreed upon between the parliaments of Denmark and Greenland, Danish subsidies, known as the block grant are to remain. (dpa)

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