Google to feature tweets on smartphones and tablets in real time

Search engine giant Google and social networking giant Twitter have renewed the partnership deal that ended in 2011.

The agreement would allow users to search tweets on their smart phones and tablets. This will give users the flexibility to search anything that is of their interest such as tweets by their favorite stars or news related to any event.

In a blog post, the company said, “Starting Tuesday, we are bringing Tweets to Google Search on mobile devices. You can find real-time content from Twitter right in the search results”.

The two firms had a similar arrangement dating back to 2009. However, tweets disappeared from Google search results in 2011.

Twitter vice president Jana Messerschmidt mentioned that their company is excited to team up with Google to bring Twitter's unique, real-time content to Google's search results.

As of now, Android and iOS, Google Search app and mobile web users, can find Tweets relevant to the search in the US.

Both the companies have promised to introduce the new feature in other countries in the coming months. They would also introduce with a desktop version soon.

With new deal between Twitter and Google, a series of Tweets will be listed for users in the search results along with images. They listed tweets will be hyperlinked. Thus tapping on them will direct the users to the Twitter website so that then view them and discover additional content.

Google product manager Ardan Arac wrote in the official blog that it’s a great way to get real-time info when something is happening. It will also let Twitter to reach a global audience at the most relevant moments.

Apart from Google, Microsoft’s Bing also has a similar feature of integrating messages from Twitter. The social media company is making these integrations in order to drive more traffic to the site and increase the user count.