German brand Möve unveils Voyager V10 Commuter e-bike with attractive features

German brand Möve unveils Voyager V10 Commuter e-bike with attractive features

Thuringia, Germany-headquartered bicycle brand Möve has just announced the launch its newest premium model, called the Voyager V10, which boasts cutting-edge specifications and irresistible features. Claiming to be a true powerhouse, the Möve Voyager V10 e-bike comes equipped with a cutting-edge Neodrives rear hub motor, called the Z20 E, which is capable of generating a whopping 40 Newton-meters (Nm) of torque and a peak power of 600 watts. It is enough to transform a common urban commute into a breeze.

In terms of battery technology, the new e-bike promises a remarkable range of approximately 90 miles on a full charge, though it will vary based on factors like terrain, way of riding, and more. Charging is quite easy and fast, taking just around 2 hours to reach full capacity of the battery. Adding to its impressive range capabilities, the new e-bike features two regeneration modes to allow the battery pack to recharge momentarily while coasting downhill.

The Voyager V10 also boasts a mechanical Pinion C1.122 internal gearing system, renowned for its seamless shifting even under heavy load. This intelligent system is capable of making automatic adjustments in the gear ratio according to the rider’s cadence, ensuring a harmonious combination of pedal power and electric backing. A Gates Carbon Drive belt is there to transmit pedalling efforts to the rear wheel. This belt. much like the e-motor, operates silently and requires little to no maintenance.

Upfront, the bike has a RockShox Paragon Gold suspension fork for ensuring a smooth ride even on bumpy roads; while Shimano Cues U8000 hydraulic disc brakes are there to bring it to a confident stop. In other words, the two two-wheeler provides reliable braking performance. To illuminate the path, the e-bike features a Supernova M99 Pro headlight that comes paired with a matching Supernova taillight, guaranteeing visibility as well as safety.

The manufacturer’s official website states, “The VOYAGER is a powerful and robust e-bike for longer distances and tours off the beaten track. The MÖVE bike offers almost silent gliding with constant gear gradations and relies on sustainable manufacturing quality "Made in Germany". This is reflected, among other things, in the handmade aluminum frame and the Pinion gearbox.”

What’s even more impressive is that the new e-bike operates in a blissful silence and requires minimal maintenance, making it an apt mobility solution for those who want a thrilling ride.

Möve is offering the Voyager V10 e-bike in step-over and step-through versions, providing versatility in style. This premium e-bike comes with a price tag of 6,390 Euros (approx. US$6,700), offering exceptional performance and features.

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