LinkedIn Showed Progress in Social Networking with Apps

LinkedinIn harsh times where social networking sites are badly hit and are fighting hard to keep afloat, popular business oriented social networking website LinkedIn has registered a decent profit. The company has 370 employees and some 30 million members on their website.

Preity Achieves The Top Slot At Chicago Film Festival

Preity Achieves The Top Slot At Chicago Film Festival Preity Zinta, who have ruled the hearts of many Indians, made a mark on international audience as she was recently awarded with the coveted title of ‘Best Actress’ at 44th Chicago Film Festival. The actress bagged the award following her riveting performance in Deepa Mehta’s ‘Heaven On Earth’. She now becomes the second actress after Shabana Azmi who was honoured with this prestigious award.

Heroes: Movie Review!

Heroes: Movie Review!To cast out a movie from what starts as a mere vague idea in one's mind is akin to casting a gem out of a stone. Yet some people are successful, while others are not. 'Heroes' is one such example, a movie that had all the ingredients to be among the top notch but failed in its attempt to do so.

The Director, Samir Karnik seems to be lost in the idea as to what exactly he wants to convey. The message that the film conveys is that one can serve the nation through different ways but to everyone's disappointment the conclusion is reached after going through the lives of three army officers who have lost their lives fighting for their country.

‘Roadside Romeo’ Not Much Of A Treat For The Viewers

‘Roadside Romeo’ Not Much Of A Treat For The ViewersJugal Hansraj have recently made his directorial debut with ‘Roadside Romeo’. This movie being an animated one was mainly catered for children but alas a poor response was seen with meager 25- 30% collection across the nation on its opening day though it picked up on the weekends.

Eating Grapes Lowers High Blood Pressure

Eating Grapes Lowers High Blood Pressure Consuming fruits have always been fruitful. In a recent study, it was discovered that eating grapes can contribute a lot in lowering down one’s blood pressure.

A study, which was conducted by the Biological Sciences, University of Michigan came out with a report in the October issue of Journal of Gerontology that grapes have a potential of reducing cardiovascular diseases. 

US Study Concludes, Doctors Show Preference towards Whites

A recent study presented to the American Public Health Association by Janice Sabin of the University of Washington in Seattle stated that the doctors subconsciously favored whites over blacks. To quote Sabin "This supports speculation that subtle race bias may affect health care, but does not imply that it will". Although the study did show a common racial bias among the general population, quoting Sabin "but we have to remember people are not racist if they hold an implicit bias."