Salary Cuts Ahead At Airlines

Salary Cuts Ahead At AirlinesMany leading airlines are considering salary cuts of their employees to reduce operating cost. Earlier, they want to start a retrenchment drive to deal with the crisis in the aviation sector. But they seem to drop idea after stiff opposition from the political class of the country. Jet Airways has already taken back its sacked staff.

Epson Creates Its Latest Epson EB-1725 & EB-1735W Projectors

Epson Creates Its Latest Epson EB-1725 & EB-1735W Projectors Recently, two ultra portable multimedia projectors dubbed as the Epson EB-1725 and EB-1735W were announced to be launched soon by Epson, which has been specially created for people who travel quite often or need mobile presentations.

The weight of these projectors, which provide about 2000:1 contrast, is 1.8 kgs.

The new projectors, which give the options of standard or widescreen presentations, have been equipped with 3,000 ANSI lumens of brightness.

Police seize arms and ammunition from Maoists in Bihar

BiharGaya, Oct 21: Police have recovered a huge cache of arms hidden by Maoists in Bihar's Gaya District.

Acting on a tip-off, the police seized the explosives from a water tank in the Bhalua forest area of the district.

"We recovered a 250-litres tank. On opening it was found it had 200 detonators, 126 tiffin bombs, timers and few wires. It was dumped so that they could easily take out and use it," said R. Mallar Vijji, Superintendent of Police.

How gay sex can lead to birth of an offspring

GaysLondon, Oct 21 : Gay sex can produce offsprings, at least in the case of beetles, says a new study, which found that the ‘kinky’ activity gives males a chance to indirectly fertilise females they may never encounter directly.

Biologists have speculated that homosexual copulation in beetles might help males practise for straight sex, or they might offer males a way to assert dominance over one another.

In order to test these explanations, Sara Lewis, an evolutionary ecologist at Tufts University in Boston and colleagues investigated flour beetles (Tribolium castaneum)

Ex-US pilot recalls being told to shoot down Brit UFO in 1957

London, Oct. 21 : A former American pilot has revealed that more than 50 years ago, he was ordered to shoot down a UFO in British airspace.

Recalling the event, 77-year-old Lieutenant Milton Torres told The Times that on May 20, 1957, he received an order to fly his Sabre jet from the Royal Air Force base in Kent and fire on sight at an unidentified object that his superiors had judged to be hostile and probably Russian.

The dot indicated an object about the size of a B52 bomber about 24 kilometres away and Torres set a course, rockets at the ready, to catch it. But thereafter, the aircraft vanished. The blip on the radar was gone too.

Torres spoke about his top secret mission following the declassification of Ministry of Defence files.

Chandrayaan-1 All Set To Be Launched

Chandrayaan-1 All Set To Be Launched India is all set to create history by launching its first unmanned moon mission on Monday, Chandrayaan-1, which had been making news from quite sometime now.

From past few days, the rehearsals for the launch of this mission had been ongoing at Sriharikota and finally the 49-hour countdown has initiated that will end in the launch on Wednesday.