General Motors’ updated Wuling Bingo all set to take on BYD Seagull EV

General Motors’ updated Wuling Bingo all set to take on BYD Seagull EV

The BYD Seagull continues to make waves globally, thanks to its appealing design, impressive range, compact size and a budget-friendly price of just $11,000. However, escalating competition could change that soon as the GM-backed updated Wuling Bingo is consistently trailing close behind the BYD Seagull.

In the home market of China, the updated 2024 Wuling Bingo is poised to challenge the Seagull’s dominance in the compact electric car segment. In terms of design, the 2024 Wuling Bingo is the same as it was last year. However, there is one new exterior and one interior color to choose from. Otherwise, the compact electric car is almost the same and as attractive as it has always been. The real enhancements are in the form of updated specs.

In size, the Bingo is almost the same as any gas-powered subcompact car, but its limited range and power put it in the category of the likes of the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV or Changan Lumin Corn. Previously, it only had either 41 or 67 hp, and maximum speed of 62 mph, irrespective of the type of the powertrain. Obviously, the Bingo was far behind the Seagull, which boasted a top speed of 81 mph and an output of 75 hp.

Luckily, the 2024 Wuling Bingo has got some notable enhancements. The top models equipped with 31.7-kWh and 37.9-kWh batteries and a new, more efficient e-motor. While it still churns out only 67 hp, still the water-cooled motor is now much more efficient to wick away heat. The top speed of the updated EV is 81 mph, which is the same as that of the Seagull EV. The base model that comes equipped with a 17.3-kWh battery makes use of the same 41-hp e-motor. However, all models now boast DC fast charging, which can recharge the vehicle from 30 to 80 per cent in just 35 minutes, almost identical to the BYD Seagull. When it comes to pricing, the Wuling Bingo has a base price of approx. $7,828 that easily undercuts the Seagull’s price of $9,500. Thus, the Bingo is expected to appeal more budget-conscious buyers than the Seagull.

The updated 2024 Wuling Bingo is a testament to GM’s ability as well as eagerness to stay competitive in the Chinese market. The new EV’s commendable range, efficiency, design and competitive price, in addition to improvements like DC fast charging and new water cooled-motor make it a strong competitor against the seagull.

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