Fuell makes Folld e-bike more compact for extra convenience

Fuell makes Folld e-bike more compact for extra convenience

Following the success of electric bicycles (e-bikes) like the Flluid, American manufacturer Fuell has introduced its latest innovation for city dwellers, called the Fuell Folld. Introducing the Fuell Folld, Erik Buell, a prominent figure in the motorcycle industry, claimed that the new folding e-bike would redefine convenience and practicality with an apt blend of cutting-edge technology and impressive performance.

The new e-bike sets itself apart in the realm of battery-powered folding bikes by prioritizing a comprehensive tech package, which includes a rear hub motor sourced from China-based specialist Bafang. Adhering to European e-bike rules, it offers a nominal output of 250 watts and a torque rating of 85 Nm. Its top speed of 25 kilometers per hour (15 miles per hour) also ensures its compliance with regulations. Speeds beyond this limit requires manual pedaling.

At the heart of the e-bike’s efficiency is its 720-watt-hour battery, which comes seamlessly integrated in the frame, eliminating any difficult protrusions. According to the manufacturer’s claims, the Fuell Folld boasts an impressive range of 110 kilometers (roughly 69 miles) on a single charge, particularly when cruising at the lowest assist setting. There are a total of five assist settings to cater to various riding preferences, adhering to European nations’ strict e-bike regulations by omitting a throttle.

Without making any compromise on performance, the Folld boasts a Shimano Altus drivetrain featuring an eight-speed derailleur-cassette combo, while its Tektro HD-E 350 hydraulic disc brakes are there to ensure a confident halt. It rides on 20-inch fat-tires that have specifically been designed to absorb the bumps on even rough pavements. Adding to its practicality, it offers a foldable rear rack capable of carrying up to 10 kilograms (roughly 22 pounds) of cargo.

While the e-bile has enough to impress with its rugged and durable build, it does come with a trade-off. To be more specific, it tips the scales at 37.5 kilograms (approx. 82.5 pounds), this folding e-bike may require a bit of effort to carry upstairs along with other belongings.

When it comes to pricing, the Fuell Folld comes with an MSRP of €2,495 (approx. $2,720). To sweeten the deal, the manufacturer is offering an introductory discount of €500, making this compact e-bike available for less than €2,000. Currently, it is available only in Europe, promising a convenient and futuristic solution to urban mobility, transforming the way we navigate city streets.

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