French e-bike specialist Valeo introduces enhancements to Cyclee motor-gearbox system

French e-bike specialist Valeo introduces enhancements to Cyclee motor-gearbox system

In the dynamic realm of electric bicycles (e-bikes), distinguished French e-bike specialist Valeo has once again made waves with the introduction of its revolutionary enhancements to the Cyclee motor-gearbox system.

Internally geared transmissions are reshaping the e-bike landscape, and the Valeo Cyclee stands at the forefront of this transformative journey. The Cyclee has long been a steadfast e-cargo solution, thanks to its formidable power and torque. To be more specific, it delivers 750 watts and 130 Nm of torque. Now, exhibiting its quest for perfection, Valeo is refining this powerhouse, addressing a crucial concern raised by several riders, i.e., noise levels.

As most of the e-bike enthusiasts seek a peaceful riding experience, Valeo has responded by trimming down the Cyclee’s sound emissions by up to seven decibels.

While the numerical reduction seems to be quite modest, the cumulative effect over extended distances becomes a symphony of silence, elevating the riders’ overall riding experience. The French brand achieved this feat through meticulous adjustments to the electric motor's internals, incorporating precise gear geometry, improved vibration absorption, and improved stator components for smoother and peaceful operation.

Committed to take e-biking experience to new heights, Valeo has also introduced a new control unit featuring a sleek two-inch touchscreen display. The minimalist design of the display enhances user-friendliness, allowing riders to effortlessly toggle and adjust settings on the move. The detachable display adds a layer of security to cater to the needs of e-bikers who commute and often leave their two-wheelers unattended in public spaces.

In addition to refining the motor and control unit, the manufacturer has introduced advanced security features, including smartphone integration. Users can now utilize their smartphones as virtual keys, unlocking and starting the e-bike effortlessly. This forward-looking approach of the company aligns with the latest industry trends, reminiscent of Bosch's recent enhancements in its Kiox system.

As Valeo showcased these enhancements at the recently held CES 2024, the implications extend beyond a mere product update. With its newfound emphasis on quiet operation and smart connectivity, the Cyclee motor-gearbox system is poised to set new standards in the landscape of e-bikes.

The future of cargo and utility e-bikes seems ordained to integrate the French brand’s refined Cyclee system, heralding a new era of noiseless, connected, and user-friendly e-bike riding experience. In short, the brand’s unwavering commitment to innovation positions the Cyclee as a catalyst for the evolving narrative of electric mobility.

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