Ford’s BlueOval Charge Network in North America now offers more than 106K chargers

Ford’s BlueOval Charge Network in North America now offers more than 106K chargers

Automobile giant Ford Motor Company has expanded its BlueOval Charge Network in North America by 25 per cent, increasing the number of chargers to more than 106,000, thanks to the addition of three new charging providers – Francis Energy, Blink, and Red E.

The inclusion of three additional charging providers has significantly expanded and improved the accessibility of EV chargers for EV consumers in the United States and Canada. According to information revealed by the automaker, Francis Energy, Blink, and Red E have added nearly 10,000 chargers to the network, including nearly 560 new DC fast chargers.

The automaker has ambitious plans for significant expansion in the realm of DC fast charging from early next year. This growth initiative encompasses various locations, including dealerships, with the goal of incorporating as many as 12,00 fast-charging stations into the BlueOval Charge Network.

Bill Crider, Ford senior director of global charging & energy services, said, "Continuous growth of the BlueOval Charge Network, including a critical focus on reliable fast charging, remains a top priority to provide the best possible electric driving experience for our customers.”

Notably, Ford has also declared that it wants to integrate more than 15,000 Tesla Superchargers into its network, which marks a significant increase of 3,000 chargers from the automaker’s initial projection of 12,000 chargers. It is also worth noting here that in May 2023 Ford made history by being the first major automobile manufacturer to announce a partnership with Tesla, enabling its EV owners to access the Supercharger network starting in the approaching spring.

In addition, the automaker revealed its plans to equip its 2nd EVs with NACS ports, allowing them to connect to Tesla's superfast chargers starting sometime in 2025. Until these NACS connectors are factory-installed, current Ford EV owners can utilize an adapter, which is expected to become available on Ford's accessories website from early next year.

Ford proudly claims that the BlueOval Charge Network is the largest public EV charging network operated by an automobile manufacturer in the North American region. However, it is worth noting here that it is technically a "network of networks" rather than a single-brand network like that of Tesla’s Superchargers. The existing providers within the BlueOval Charge Network encompass a diverse range, featuring industry leaders like Shell Recharge Solutions, ChargePoint, FLO, EV Connect, Electric Circuit, Electrify America, EVgo, and Shell Recharge Solutions.

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