Ford pushes back EV sales program deadline to December 31, 2022

Ford pushes back EV sales program deadline to December 31, 2022

American automobile giant Ford Motor Company has pushed back deadline for its dealers by a month to decide whether they will opt in to the program that requires investments of more than $1 million to sell electric vehicles (EVs).

In September, Ford asked its nearly 3,000 dealers to make investments of up to $1.2 million in upgrades to continue to sell all-electric vehicles (BEVs). The company’s offer to its dealers includes the option to become “EV-certified” under one of two programs: with investments of $500,000 or $1.2 million. In the higher tier, which will require dealers to carry upfront costs of $900,000, dealers will receive “elite” certification that will enable them to sell more EVs.

Dealers were initially asked to make a decision by 31st of October this year, while the required investments were to be made by 31st of December.

Now, Ford has pushed back the deadline to 2nd of December this year. It means, Ford dealers have until Dec. 2, 2022 to decide whether they want to make the required investments to sell EVs beyond 2023.

Ford spokesperson Marty Gunsberg said the company pushed back the deadline in order to give dealers more time to decide whether they really want to opt in to the program to sell EVs beyond next year.

Announcing the decision, Gunsberg said, “We value our relationship with our dealers and have decided to provide additional time for dealers who have not yet decided or asked for more time.”

However, the spokesperson didn’t reveal how many dealers have already opted for the program. Gunsberg just said that the figure will be released by the company after the enrollment period comes to its end.

To meet the auto giant’s new sales standards, Ford dealers will have to set non-negotiable prices for EVs. Moreover, the dealers who will opt for the lower-priced certification tier will not be able to carry any EVs in their inventories. It means that such dealers’ customers will have to order exactly what they want to be delivered later.

Dealers who will decide not to make the upgrades will be able to keep their franchise but such dealers will be allowed to sell only internal combustion engine vehicles and hybrids.
Ford will certify participating dealers to sell EVs from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2026. Those who don't opt in by the new deadline will get another opportunity to be certified for EV sales starting in 2027.

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