Five Ways You Can Play Slots Online

Five Ways You Can Play Slots Online

Slots are about as versatile and flexible as any online casino game that you are likely to find online. They come in an exciting array of variants, each with its own rules on how it is played. You aren’t limited to playing slots in one particular way, though. In fact, there are several ways you can play. Join us as we explain the five top ways you can enjoy playing online slots from home.

Conventionally at Online Casinos

Of course, the first way we should discuss is the most obvious – conventionally. Here, we are talking about players trying their hand at slots via conventional instant play (browser-based) online casinos. Players merely open their computers, navigate to the casino, sign in, pick and slot and start playing. What could be simpler than that? However, there are other ways slot players can get a slice of the action, though. Let’s progress.

On Your Mobile Phones

Nowadays, most slot machines have been developed to be mobile optimised, or at least mobile-friendly. You won’t need a casino app to play these games, although that is often an option. Instead, you can play via your web browser. The design and interface of mobile slots have been modified to run well on devices with smaller screens, so this may interest players seeking to play a different way.

As Live Dealer Games…Sort Of

For years, we’ve been saying that you can’t play live slots. At least not in the same way that you can play live baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. Well, that’s still the case – sort of. What you can play are titles like Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Coin Flip. This is, in effect, a part online slot played in RNG mode that swaps over to being a live casino game if you qualify. There’s more to it than that, and it can be a little bit complicated, but the option is there (again, of sorts) if you want to play live slots.

With Cryptocurrencies

Did you know that you can now play slots with cryptocurrencies? In the past, this meant playing rather basic and elementary titles that really were not worth the effort. Now, though, most of today’s major software providers have made an extra effort to ensure that all their mainstream titles are crypto-friendly. This has made a major difference in how slots and crypto casinos work. If you want to bet with Bitcoin or risk with Ripple, you can do that.

In Slot Tournaments

Finally, we have slot tournaments. Yes, slot tournaments represent the fifth way that you can bet on slots in online casinos. Slot tournaments can vary in terms of substance and quality. There may be different requirements to gain entry into these competitions, and the prizes will always vary, depending not just on where you end up but also on the competition you play in. However, there is no question that slot tournaments are worth a closer look if you want to play slots online.

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