Fergie flips as Ronaldo quizzed about Man U future

Fergie flips as Ronaldo quizzed about Man U futureLondon, Apr. 7 : Manchester United coach-cum-manager Alex Ferguson flipped on Monday as his portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo was again quizzed about his future at the club.

Ronaldo continues to be linked with a move to Real Madrid in the summer.

But despite that, both manager and player bristled at a press conference yesterday when Ronaldo was questioned about whether he will go.

Fergie: "How many times have we had that question, how many times have we had that question?" Ronaldo: "Always this question."

Fergie: "I know, it's pathetic."

The Sun quoted Ronaldo, as saying: "I'm happy at this club. I think this is the right club for me."

Ferguson added: "He will tell you himself that he is at the right club. He knows that. He has settled down, his form is returning and he is looking like he will score all the time. He could have had four goals on Sunday."

Back on the pitch, United's draw with Porto was seen as the easiest in the quarter-finals and Ronaldo is confident of progress.

Like Ferguson, Ronaldo believes Sunday's last-gasp 3-2 win over Aston Villa will have sent shock waves through their rivals.

Ronaldo said: "Man United is a massive club and the result and game showed everybody. We were losing 2-1 after 80 minutes but within 10 minutes we had turned it around.

"When we have a bad game we have to show people what we can do. And we know we are capable of doing it." (ANI)