Farmers urge Punjab Government to buy their cotton product

PunjabAbohar (Punjab), Sep 30 : Farmers in the Abohar region of Punjab are demanding that the State Government buy their cotton produce.

The government agency’s delay in buying cotton has increased the farmer’s worries.

They are being forced to sell their cotton crop to private traders at unprofitable prices.

Earlier, farmers used to get a minimum support price of rupees 2800 for their cotton yield at the Abohar Mandi, but the State Government appears to have developed some reluctance, allowing private traders to exploit the situation.

Farmers have complained that private traders are offering prices according to their whims.

"We are facing a lot of problems. Since the private traders have started buying cotton, we are getting lesser prices. If government agencies buy cotton, we will get the right prices and there will be no discrepancy in weighing," claimed Nirmal Singh, a farmer.

Farmers are incurring heavy losses and are demanding early cotton procurement by the government.

"Our demand from the government is to begin buying cotton so that farmers benefit. At least we will get minimum support prices," claimed Surjeet Singh. (ANI)