Facebook Increases Minimum Wage to $15 per Hour

Famous social networking site Facebook has announced wage hike and better standards for company contractors. As per sources, under new standard, the contractors will receive higher salaries and benefits similar to all the white-collar workers of the corporation.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg announced yesterday that the minimum wage would be increased to $15 per hour. He further said the benefits provided to the contractors will be in accordance to the company’s policy.

This would include 15 paid vacations per year and $4000 worth of child support for maternity or paternity leave.

However, these benefits will come with some terms and conditions that the beneficiaries will have to compulsorily meet in order to get the new and improved Facebook treatment.

Sandberg said in explanation that the beneficiaries must provide substantial work for the social media company and they must be employed by American companies that have no more than 25 employees providing serviced to Facebook.

Those workers who will be eligible for these changes are most likely to be the members of the janitorial services, the security officers and the cafeteria employees; it would also include some categories that are yet to be nominated.

As per records, the minim wage in California reaches $9, while the average across the US is closer to $7.25. Therefore, when Facebook is offering a minimum wage of $15 per hour it seems extremely decent as compared to the alternatives.

Sheryl Sandberg wrote, “Taking these steps is the right thing to do for our business and our community”.

These new changes went into effect from May 1st, the International Labor day. With the latest announcement, Facebook has set an example and has also found the ideal moment to implement them.

By applying this new set of improvements for their contractor workers, Facebook will uphold its superior position on all fields, pulling a class act all together, said Sandberg.