Eyeliner pencil too hard? Blow on it or hold it over a flame

Berlin - An eyeliner pencil that is too hard can be softened by holding it over a flame or simply by blowing on it, said the Berlin branch of Germany's consumer product testing organization.

The organization tested 16 black eyeliner pencils, including one that has to be sharpened and those with an in-built, automatic mechanism for sharpening. Five of the eyeliner pencils were rated good in a report by the organization's monthly magazine. The remainder were rated satisfactory, including an 18-euro eyeliner -

the most expensive among the tested products.

With regard to how well the products are tolerated by the testers, all the eyeliner pencils tested received a pass grade. No damaging ingredients were found in any of eyeliner pencils. Women who wear contact lenses did not have any difficulties with them.

Another critical factor is how long an eyeliner pencil stays fresh after being applied. If a product promises to be especially long- lasting, it should stay on for eight to 10 hours. Although liquid eyeliner stays on longer than the pencil, the consumer product testing organization prefers the pencil variety. (dpa)