Eunuchs warn of power outage protest dance

PakistanIslamabad -  Four eunuchs in central Pakistan threatened to dance in protest at a regional power company office if it fails to provide a schedule for daily power outages, local media reported Tuesday.

The eunuchs in Muzaffargarh, in the south of Punjab province, said they often had to abruptly end their performances and were not paid the full fare because of power outages, the daily Dawn News reported.

Eunuchs are often hired to perform at wedding ceremonies during March and April, their busiest months. But daily power outages were hurting their business, they said.

They challenged the local authorities to keep to a schedule for the power outages so they can minimize the damage.

The eunuchs threatened to dance in front of the local Multan Electricity Power Company office on April 10 to protest if the company fails to comply. Some people believe that eunuchs have extraordinary powers.

Pakistan currently has between three and four hours of power shedding each day. Most cities keep a schedule for each part of the city so residents know when to plan for the outages, authorities in some areas turn off the power without warning. (dpa)