EU to examine Germany's genetically modified corn ban

EU to examine Germany's genetically modified corn ban Prague - The European Commission plans to examine Germany's move to ban genetically modified maize but is unlikely to pressure Berlin into reversing its decision, EU officials said Wednesday.

Germany on Tuesday joined the ranks of the European Union countries that have banned the MON 810 maize produced by the US biotech firm Monsanto over safety concerns, despite opposition from the European Commission.

"We shall reflect on the issue," European Commissioner for Environment Stavros Dimas said while attending an informal meeting of EU environment ministers in Prague.

However, the commission was unlikely to force Germany to overturn its ban, as previous efforts in other countries proved unsuccessful, EU officials said.

In March, the EU's executive failed in a bid to get Austria and Hungary to remove their bans.

An official told reporters that it would be "futile to go against" the latest ban, especially amid adverse public opinion.

Austria, France, Greece, Hungary and Luxembourg have also banned Monsanto's MON 810 maize, which has been approved for commercial use in the EU since 1998.

Prior to the ban, Germany planned to plant the maize, which has a gene that protects it from a bug, the corn borer, on 3,600 hectares this year. (dpa)